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  1. Ughhh....anyone got some coffee???

    1. Iheartcupcakes


      Yes...do you want some yummy creamer :) 

    2. Capulet


      YES, that would be divine!!! ;)

    3. Free2Fly


      Your welcome :) , safe hugs :hug: 

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  2. Normally I hate the rain.  It's gloomy, it's murky, it's depressing.  But today, I welcome it - it's given me a chance to reconnect with myself a little bit.  Not in a bad way, though.  It's just me, by myself, alone.  Without interruptions.  

    Let God cry today so  that I don't have to.

    Anyone else?

    1. Capulet


      Where's the thumbs-up button?  I guess we don't have one, here.  But yes, agreed - I needed some quiet, today!  Hope you are doing well, @pattyr.  

    2. pattyr


      Thanks, @Capulet.  I am doing okay, taking some comfort in some food, and reading AS to feel not alone.  Not raining where I am, but kind of grey out, has a bit of that feeling.  I  hope you are doing well too.

    3. Capulet


      Yes.  I feel productive, I had the time today to do some writing that I'd been otherwise delaying and procrastinating on.  I also did my fair share of reading/connecting with others.  Keeps the mind busy.

      I feel good having done do.  Thank you for checking in. :) 

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  3. I cooked too much.33343531_10156180480136480_5381673564682321920_n.jpg

    1. Kmkz


      Looks delicious

    2. Capulet


      Thanks!  Kids loved it but we still had leftovers. :)

    3. Iheartcupcakes
  4. From one Mom to another - wishing those of you who are celebrating - Happy Mother's Day!!!   XOXO.  Will blog a little bit later. 

  5. Who else is pulling an all-nighter? (Don't worry, it's for a happy reason!)  :clap:

    1. Beamcam


      I am too  not so happy though 

    2. Capulet


      Sorry, hun!  Will be around if you want to ping the mobile.  I'm a little cloudy today but always have time for a friend.  :throb:

  6. Oh, please - won't someone enlighten me on how to get rid of the marching band making its way through my cranium right now? :blink:  

  7. Who's still up?

    This girl. 

    No particular reason.  

    So....hi! :)

    1. oceonwaves


      still up too.:) :zzz:

    2. Field8
    3. Free2Fly


      Just woke up from nightmares... so hello although your probably all asleep now lol missed this bus.

  8. Be safe this Super Bowl Sunday, guys!  In my area, we got snow and ice today, we are still going to attempt going to a friend's, but may very well turn around and come back home if roads are bad. Hoping all of you stay safe! xo

    1. MeBeMary


      You stay safe, too, Capulet. My day is more at home with Puppy Bowl, instead. :breakdance:

    2. Capulet


      Ended up attempting to go to friends' house but turned around...roads were too icy to proceed.  So we came back home and made our own munchies.  Great game so far!

  9. New Year, new look for AS.  I'm loving it, it looks great.  Anyway, wanted to send a late(ish) Happy New Year's wish to all of you.  See y'all around. :)

    1. snmls


      Happy New Year!

  10. To those of you celebrating Thanksgiving today with family and friends and loved ones - I wish you a blessed and wonderful day!  

    To those who have chosen to celebrate Thanksgiving alone or who struggle with holidays in general, I extend all of my unconditional love and support and want you all to know that even though I may not know you, I am  still thinking of you, too.  I truly hope that today, you do something special for yourselves, just because you deserve it.  You are worth it.  NOTHING changes that.  

    Happy Thanksgiving, I am thankful for this site and for all of you.

    - Cap

    1. Kmkz


      A wonderful and thoughtful message. I echo your sentiments back to you and everyone.

  11. Thinking of trying to get back into the wonderful world of blogging.  Hmmm.  To blog or not to blog?

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