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  1. I am truly thankful for this community and for all of those wonderful connections I have made here.  Though this year has been nothing short of chaotic, I am truly glad that AS has remained a safe place. I know that this year’s holiday season is going to be a bit bittersweet with the looming pandemic but my wish for all of you is that you will remember to take good care of yourselves amid the craziness.  You are worth it!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate.  If not, have a hug anyway, for I’m grateful for all of you.  🦃🤗

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    2. MeBeMary


      Happy Thanksgiving, Cap. I am with you, so glad for AS. Such a safe retreat.

      Enjoy your day and stay safe and healthy. :hug: 

    3. redadmirals


      Happy Thanksgiving to you Cap!! I am so grateful to have connected with you, truly wish you the best.

    4. BrightSide


      Thank you, Safe hugs back if you would like Cap? :hug: 💛 B

  2. I did smile at the thought of you and your wonderful husband, G, cherishing the time spent together making dinner. You make something as simple as meal prep sound like something straight out of a fairy tale. The wine, the music, the chatting, the sharing of kitchen duties, it all sounds so nice. (Not at all like dinner prep at my house which is often nothing short of chaotic....there's me (wo)manning the kitchen as best as I can, three cats who jump on the counters to investigate the 'smells,' a dog who is one day going to burn his nose, a son and daughter who will come in and 'help
  3. Hello, @XwitchhuntX - Welcome to After Silence! I'm called Cap and I'm one of the site's moderators. I'm sorry that terrible circumstances have led you here - but do feel glad you have found us. We're a safe place and are filled with many others who are in the same boat and who completely understand your current struggles. You're definitely not alone, here. Many, including myself, have struggled with relationships and can understand how tough it can be to find some balance. You'll soon hear from a member of our Newbie Support Team. Until then, I am just a holler away if you hav
  4. Capulet

    I Got Help

    Hey, Poppy - just want you to know that I am proud of you for taking the initiative to get yourself the help you needed to pull yourself out of that terrible, dark place that you were finding yourself trapped in. There is nothing scarier than that feeling of not wanting to be alive anymore. It's scary for you, and it's scary for the people who care about you. I know it does not often feel that way, but there are many who are in your corner. I'm truly glad you're seeing that your life is, while turbulent right now, is still worth living. I know you for a while, now, and know that you still
  5. Excellent news. In case anyone missed the post in News & Updates this morning, here are the detailed instructions. Big hugs to everyone. - Cap
  6. ❤️ @Tee06 - yes, you got us, we've been tinkering. I'm going to call it a night, but will post further information on our progress first thing tomorrow morning!
  7. I have an iPhone, as well - and I tried this: Once the website loads, click the “aA” icon available in the top corner positioned before the address bar. It opens the website view menu. From the available options, choose the “Request Desktop Website” option. It didn't work for me. It's worth a try, though. Additionally, you could download Chrome for iPhone to see if the result is the same? I'm sorry. Know that we're working on trying to find a solution to the mobile access. As soon as I find one, I'll be sure to post it! ❤️ Cap
  8. @MzKeys75 - Do you have Android or an iPhone? There is a work-around (though I know it's a temporary solution for now - it's still a possible solution) for the Android. I posted about it in this dropbox forum.
  9. I just used an old Android (Galaxy S9) and my WiFi to test this. It works. I see the same view I see on a a computer. Obviously, I did not log in, but do have the option to sign in, and believe that once I do, I will see notifications and my mailbox, in the upper right corner. Droid users - give this a shot?
  10. Dealing the random hugs, take as many as you want...my supply is unlimited. ❤️ 

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    2. ActivistAlly
    3. copper_lips


      Please and thank you!

    4. Capulet


      @matts, @ActivistAlly, and @copper_lips - giving each of you more of these squishy hugs. :)  Hoping all of you are having a good day. 

  11. This information was given to me by a member who wishes to remain anonymous. I could not test this as I do not have an Android mobile device - I became a convert much earlier this year and swapped mine in for an iPhone 11! Anyway - here is something that you can try to see if it brings up your notifications and mailbox: Android phones: Chrome and Firefox have 3 vertical dots in the upper right, tap the dots and select 'request desktop site' to check the box and it's the same process to go back to the mobile version, select 'request desktop site' to remove check. Other br
  12. @LisaButterfly - I'm looking forward to that coffee-sharing someday. That sounds truly wonderful. And yes, absolutely no negative messages will be displayed on the mugs - I insist on choosing the ones that have just uplifting, positive snippits! The mugs of manipulation have since been banished to the very back of the cabinet where they'll likely remain until the kitchen remodel takes place. As I've no plans to do that anytime soon, I think I have a few years to forget they exist. 😉 I'm indeed feeling MUCH better nowadays. Still have the occasional headache here and there but for th
  13. It seems you've found it. You're good to go, now! 😉 Welcome to After Silence!
  14. I mostly use either my desktop or laptop to access, but occasionally, I will use my mobile when I'm on the go and have a few minutes to spare for a quick check-in. I cannot see notifications or access my inbox, either. I checked on my mobile while I was still in bed this morning, and the only way I can get into my inbox is to follow the pop-up notification if one appears. It will only take me to the most recent message, and will allow me to respond but then I cannot see anything beyond that until I log into my desktop or laptop and can see all of the notifications/messages. I kno
  15. Update: Found it! The EDIT function has been moved from below the post to these three little dots at the top right of your post. Looks like this ---> Click them three little dots and you'll get your edit feature. Members may edit their content using this feature. - Cap
  16. Oh, my. This is a big one, especially for staff. I also do not have edit on Safari. I'll check Chrome!
  17. Hi, everyone! Per my recent post in the site's News and Updates forum, I am putting forward this space for you all to tell us about your experiences with the site since we've upgraded our software. According to @Rose, the site may present differently depending on your browser. Please do tell us what browser you are using and if are able to use multiple browsers, which browser displays the site best for you. Additionally I am seeing there are mailbox (PMs) issues and some notification issues for some of you. We'd like to spend a little time gathering information from you all on wh
  18. Mid-night check-in.  How's everyone doing this evening?

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    2. Free2Fly


      Thank you cap, I hope I do too, as far as everything else goes stuff has been down too :( but yeah it's as it goes.

      Hope all is good at your end?

      Hugs if ok? :hug: :bighug:

    3. Capulet


      Always! :hug: 

      All is well, hun.  Was sick last week but definitely on the mend, now.  

      Thinking the battle with my eyes is beginning to shift to the losing side.  2:15am and I'm ready to go to bed.

      I'll be back later this morning. ❤️  

    4. Free2Fly



      Glad your on the mend lot of people getting sick these days especially with covid and the healthcare over here isn't doing a good job at all to be honest.

      No worries, have a nice sleep and will probably speak again soon.

      :) .

  19. Capulet

    18 - Art stuff

    That's some beautiful work, there! I love your attention to detail and your top image is quite mesmerizing - I can look at it for hours. ❤️ Hoping you were able to get some sleep, eventually! - Cap
  20. Loving your writing. If it's hair you wish to write about, then, so be it! There are no rights or wrongs when it comes to blogging - whatever's on the horizon is what we bloggers are likely to address - and today, it's hair. It's all good, hun! My deepest congratulations on this empowering change you've made for yourself! Undoubtedly this isn't a decision you arrived at easily or lightly, but I'm glad you're happy with this decision. Enjoy the hair-free dinners! 😉 - Cap
  21. ...you realize that you ARE Raymond from that TV show, "Everybody Loves Raymond." In short, the show's about an average guy. Married, a few kids, a nice house. And a mother who's a pushy, nosy, meddling, annoying pain-in-the-ass busybody. Said character was perfectly played by the late Doris Roberts. We all knew Marie Barone. And we all LOVED Marie Barone because - well - let's admit it. She made us laugh. She was that mother we were all glad we didn't have. Some of us might have wanted some of Marie's attentiveness but have to agree - it was over-the-top and for someone (like, oh
  22. Capulet

    Just tired

    @abhaya - there's never any pressure to give anything more than what you have. Please know that this community appreciates all of the support you have given and all of the contributions you've made. I know I've said this many times and will gladly say it to anyone who might need to hear it - it's OKAY to NOT BE OKAY. Remember, these are temporary feelings and not going to last forever. You'll get your spoons back - I promise. Sending you love and hugs - hoping this finds you in a better place now that a few weeks have gone by. Looking forward to hearing how you've been. - Cap
  23. @Goldeneye - Sending you hugs, just because.
  24. @RubyRosie - I would say that to cut yourself some slack is needed, but I think that we're all capable of being way too hard on ourselves, and I dare not be hypocritical! Just wanted to offer some support and check in. How have you been doing these last few weeks? - Cap
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