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  1. So, this happened!

    Introducing the newest member of the Capulet family.  Say hello to Apollo!


    He's such a good boy.  We're so in love.  😍

    He's making himself at home and keeping me covered in doggy kisses and lots of cuddles!  

    My heart is happy. ❤️ 

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    2. snmls


      Hello Apollo! You are a real cutie! 

    3. waterlily13


      So fun!!!  What a sweet, beautiful doggo!💜💜

    4. Capulet


      Thank you, everyone!!!! ❤️  He's a sweet boy.  He does play rough, but that's to be expected given his age - he is just 3 and a half months old.  He's a black lab/dachshund mix.  His favorite thing to do is run in front of people and trip them up.  I've got a feeling he'll learn not to do that once he's stepped on....other than that, he loves to scour for things to chew on - the rubber Nylabone I ordered him won't get here any sooner than tomorrow so I'm hoping that'll have me saying 'no!!!' less frequently!

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