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  1. When the daughter is bored and her electronic devices have been confiscated, what to do, what to do???  I know!  Let's bake!  Fresh out of the oven!!  Help yourselves to cookies, friends! :throb:38993009_150782442453613_6037291878511017984_n.jpg

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    2. AKB


      Yummy looking cookies and a lovely tattoo!  :throb:

    3. Capulet


      Thank you, @Iheartcupcakes@Hope of Morning, @Kmkz, @AKB...the cookies were a saving grace - at least, MAKING them was.  My daughter is 12, she got mouthy with her father, and so her cellular device as well as her tablet/other social media platforms have been confiscated, resulting in the type of boredom that can only be quelled by keeping busy.  Going to the park at 9pm was certainly not an option, so...here's freshly baked cookies.  There's actually still some left.  Help yourselves! :throb:

      AKB - the tat is indeed mine. :)  It's located directly below the bend of my inner elbow, right forearm.  My partner has one, too, but hers is colored in. It's my one and only so I didn't want to be so bold.  But lately thinking of getting a second!

    4. Hope of Morning

      Hope of Morning

      I'm thinking about getting a tattoo


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