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  1. My wish for you all: everything here, and more - especially peace, comfort and healing.  Happy New Year to my AS family!! ❤️ 


    1. MeBeMary


      Happy New Year, Cap! Here's to a wonderful new year for all! :throb:

    2. Hope321


      Happy New Year!

  2. I am truly thankful for this community and for all of those wonderful connections I have made here.  Though this year has been nothing short of chaotic, I am truly glad that AS has remained a safe place. I know that this year’s holiday season is going to be a bit bittersweet with the looming pandemic but my wish for all of you is that you will remember to take good care of yourselves amid the craziness.  You are worth it!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate.  If not, have a hug anyway, for I’m grateful for all of you.  🦃🤗

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    2. MeBeMary


      Happy Thanksgiving, Cap. I am with you, so glad for AS. Such a safe retreat.

      Enjoy your day and stay safe and healthy. :hug: 

    3. redadmirals


      Happy Thanksgiving to you Cap!! I am so grateful to have connected with you, truly wish you the best.

    4. BrightSide


      Thank you, Safe hugs back if you would like Cap? :hug: 💛 B

  3. Dealing the random hugs, take as many as you want...my supply is unlimited. ❤️ 

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    2. ActivistAlly
    3. copper_lips


      Please and thank you!

    4. Capulet


      @matts, @ActivistAlly, and @copper_lips - giving each of you more of these squishy hugs. :)  Hoping all of you are having a good day. 

  4. Mid-night check-in.  How's everyone doing this evening?

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    2. Free2Fly


      Thank you cap, I hope I do too, as far as everything else goes stuff has been down too :( but yeah it's as it goes.

      Hope all is good at your end?

      Hugs if ok? :hug: :bighug:

    3. Capulet


      Always! :hug: 

      All is well, hun.  Was sick last week but definitely on the mend, now.  

      Thinking the battle with my eyes is beginning to shift to the losing side.  2:15am and I'm ready to go to bed.

      I'll be back later this morning. ❤️  

    4. Free2Fly



      Glad your on the mend lot of people getting sick these days especially with covid and the healthcare over here isn't doing a good job at all to be honest.

      No worries, have a nice sleep and will probably speak again soon.

      :) .

  5. All right.  I need a hug.  Or two.  Or two hundred...

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    2. Eph320NY


      Well, then. Here are the hugs!:hug::hug:

    3. Capulet



      Back atcha, all of you!  

    4. Free2Fly


      Thanks cap :) , kinda needed one I'm a bit under the weather today. Hope all is okay with you?

  6. Today's laughing moment....took doggy's bed and put it on top of the crate so that I could sweep his mess....I turn around and THIS is what I see....  🤦‍♀️


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    2. MeBeMary


      Such a cutie! Love those ears! :throb:  

    3. LisaButterfly


      Love this so much! What a sweet (and cheeky) dog. 😉

    4. Eph320NY


      So adorable!

  7. Leaving this here, because, really, who can't smile at this????

    Have a great weekend, everyone. ❤️ 


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    2. BrightSide


      Hello Apollo 😃 Thank you Cap, I hope you have a lovely weekend too!

    3. 8888


      Adorable pup!

    4. triste_luna
  8. So, this happened!

    Introducing the newest member of the Capulet family.  Say hello to Apollo!


    He's such a good boy.  We're so in love.  😍

    He's making himself at home and keeping me covered in doggy kisses and lots of cuddles!  

    My heart is happy. ❤️ 

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    2. 8888


      Congrats, what a cutie!  

    3. BrightSide


      ahh, he is so cute! Hello Apollo :wave:🐕

    4. orangegiraffe


      So cute! Enjoy him!! 

  9. A friendly reminder to those who post status updates regularly:

    These are NOT private.  These are PUBLIC.  Unregistered visitors to After Silence can view recent status updates.  Therefore, there must not be any profanity, identifying or triggering materials included within status updates.

    Any status updates deemed inappropriate for the public eye are subject to deletion.

    Thank you.

    - Capulet

  10. To those of you having a rough time right now:


    Know that you are not alone! ❤️ 

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    2. Free2Fly


      Thanks cap :) , hope everyone is having a lovely evening Or afternoon wherever you maybe.

    3. waterlily13


      I needed this friend, having a bad day :(

    4. Capulet


      @waterlily13 - so sorry, friend.  :(  Hope the day improves and some of that darkness lifts... ❤️ 

  11. General chat will be starting in 2 hours (1pm EST/6pm GMT)!! :)  Join me in the Let's Chat! channel. Hope to see you there! ❤️ 

  12. In just a little over an hour, I will be hosting an hour-long general chat in the Let's Chat! channel.  Hope to see you there! ❤️ 

  13. Happy April, everyone - although we remember this message every day, April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month - let us all remember to reach out for the (virtual) hand of other survivors, especially while we are all dealing with limited in-person interaction during the COVID crisis.  Please stay safe, everyone, and remember - we are always here!


  14. Been a while since I did this...

    Have a nice weekend, all!


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    2. 8888


      Thank you and happy weekend!

    3. Mave


      Thank you, Cap! You too!

    4. waterlily13


      Thank you friend, you too! ❤️ 

  15. For when the going gets tough and the frustration begins to mount; for those times we wonder how continuing is possible....here's a random little message that is important for us all to remember, may these short, powerful words speak louder than the rest... ❤️  Have a great Sunday, everyone.


    1. MeBeMary


      💕 Thanks. 

  16. Attention newbies!  Tonight, January 14th, we will be hosting a newbie chat at 11pm EST/10pm Central.  All are welcome!  Bring all of your questions and concerns and let's chat. ❤️ 

  17. A random Tuesday quote, something for us all to think about:

    "The only people who get upset over you setting boundaries are those who benefit from you having none."

    (Stolen from my local women's shelter page.)

    1. MeBeMary


      Yes! Good share, Capulet!

    2. Iheartcupcakes
  18. Haven't put one of these out in a while.... 😉


    Keep shining, friends! ❤️ 

  19. 🚨 PSA: After Silence is running VERY slowly tonight.  It's not your computers, don't fret! :)  

    1. Mave


      Thanks, Cap!

    2. 8888


      Good to know!

  20. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. :)  So grateful for this community and all who consider themselves a part of it.  Each and every one of you is dear to my heart!


    For those of you who struggle with finding things to be thankful for today - I wish you periodic moments of peace and joy - for those are what will carry you the rest of the way.  My love to you all. ❤️ 

  21. "A relationship full of control is really out of control."

    True story, friends.

    From social media this weekend:

  22. Here's a sweet image I found on my social media feed....


    Wrap someone today.  They may need it!

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    2. snmls


      💜 :console: I appreciate the ask for consent in this comic. This comic is from the Lunarbaboon series, which are always so great and wholesome. 

    3. Capulet


      YES, @snmls - I like that, too.  Hugs or 'wraps' are always better received when they're offered with a 'can I?' first. :)

    4. vitamin


      Aw, this is so lovely ❤️


  23. Healing is never linear... ❤️ 


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    2. Capulet


      So true! ❤️ A fairly decent likeness of what the path ahead looks like, though.  :hug:

    3. Iheartcupcakes
    4. waterlily13


      Needed this today, thank you friend❤️❤️

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