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  1. Hi fall! I would have to say that in my opinion, there is no guarantee that anything you say online is going to be kept private. It is posted in chat guidelines as well as site rules that anything exchanged within the site is subject to search should the administration feel the need to do so in order to protect the members of the site. Chats are logged, transcripts reviewed whenever there is a complaint, and anything posted becomes viewable by others permitted access within the specific forum. At any rate, my friend, if you are not viewed as a threat to anyone else's safety or well being, then I would assume that there is no reason to fear for your privacy here at AS. Hope this helps to ease your mind a little. Hugs! Cap
  2. Hello and welcome to AS. I hope you find the support you seek. Take care, Cap
  3. Welcome back to AS, Mandy - we have not yet met but I look forward to getting to know you through your posts. Best, Capulet
  4. Hello Daun and welcome to AS! I just want to say thanks for letting us know who you are - that is always nice. I am confident that you will find that this place is extremely supportive and the people you will meet are among some of the finest. See ya around, Cap
  5. Hi, Kari - welcome to After Silence! I hope you are able to seek comfort here - this is a fantastic place to be - and the people are wonderful. Looking forward to getting to know you! Cap
  6. A great big welcome to you! I hope you are able seek solace here - this is a lovely place to be and the people are fantastic. Take care and on the 18th, do treat yourself to all things wonderful; including thoughts and people. Hugs, Capulet
  7. Hello and welcome to AS. I hope you find the peace and comfort here that you seek. I, too, am a writer. It has helped me through a lot! Hugs, Capulet
  8. Capulet

    I'm Back

    Welcome, Wolfie - nice to meet you - hope to get to know you! Enjoy! Cap
  9. Hello 30years - or shall I call you 'Gran?' It was a pleasure meeting you in chat this morning. I have a feeling we will hit it off just fine! Welcome to AS! Very glad you decided to join us. Hugs, Capulet
  10. I am often in chat. It's a very nice place where the drinks are free and the hugs are aplenty. See you around. -Cappy
  11. I'm actually IN Staten Island. I have to admit, I wish we lived in a more rural area - it's a nice enough place, considering it's one of the boroughs of the city, but I would have to agree with you, when you have kids, it's better where there's not so much clutter and traffic. Lately though, it's been horrible...they're building more and more houses and stores...pretty soon I imagine it'll look just as crowded as Brooklyn or the Bronx. -Capulet
  12. Hi Stephanie, I'm not from PA, but I'm also not FAR from PA. I live in New York City. I do have to agree with determined1, though, and advise you to be careful with some of the characters you'll come across here - personally I've been lucky to meet only the finest of people, but you can't be too careful nowadays. In my opinion, it's far more rewarding to get to know folks before you jump into person-to-person meetings...so perhaps I'll see you in chat sometime! Welcome to AS. -Capulet
  13. Hello and welcome, Karolyn...hope you enjoy it here! Hugs, Capulet
  14. Welcome, Ramona....this is a terrific place...visit the chat sometime! -Cap
  15. It did it automatically for me - the picture I just posted in snapshots was a small photo to begin with but it seems to have uploaded without a problem and was reduced anyway. Saves a lot of space that way and opens up in a new window when clicked on. -Cap
  16. Welcome, teddy bear! I hope this wonderful place provides comfort for you - you deserve some inner peace! Enjoy your stay - we look forward to getting to know you. -Capulet
  17. Hello and welcome!!!! How 'bout 25 more!?
  18. Hello Kellie and welcome! You have a lot of friends here. Hugs, Capulet
  19. Capulet


    Welcome, shantel! Please don't feel rushed when it comes to healing. For some, it is a lifelong process and for others, it is much quicker. We will never be over something of this magnitude, but we will learn to function around it and to cope enough to live life on a day to day basis. There's no time line for it all, so please don't feel discouraged when it comes to therapy. Take your time and embrace each moment - life is precious despite some of the nasty cards we are dealt. Hope you enjoy your stay here. We are all here for you. Capulet
  20. Capulet


    Welcome! Hope you find the comfort you seek here.
  21. Capulet


    *hugs* welcome! Take your time in healing, that's important. We are all here for you. -Capulet
  22. Welcome to AS! I am confident that you will fit in nicely here. The people are wonderful! -Capulet
  23. Capulet


    Hello and welcome. I am sorry to hear of what you have been through. You have many friends here.
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