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  1. TEP

    I am not a Phoenix

    Firstly, thank you; You have a lovely way with words and I appreciate your response. I am just bumbling through , trying things, considering other's suggestions and keeping the things that work for me at the time. I have grown so much in this past year and am eager for more. I want to quiet the negativity and chaos whirling in my mind ; it's exhausting having to smile and look pleasant all the time. I will have to google EMDR as I have not a clue what that is.
  2. TEP

    I am not a Phoenix

    Hi! I'm new here and just read your post. Wow! You have put to words so many of my feelings. I'm trying to make my way and hold on to the little ember of joy and glee I can still feel . I'm finding the good days are fewer and farther apart now and am trying to figure out why. Any suggestions? I've tried yoga, meditation, gratitude journal, counselling ..I do tend to stop when I'm in one of my funks though. I have every reason to be happy and grateful and content but ... I'm just not.
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