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  1. You write beautifully. I think you are an amazing person who has had the opportunity to flourish into herself damaged by experiences and that has coloured all the following perceptions. People don’t hate you. Some will love you. Some will be indifferent but hate takes a lot of energy. People seldom do hate really. Normal people. The problem is for me my normal marriage wasn’t normal. I wasn’t loved I was used abd the abuse didn’t stop with SA - control and emotional abuse led me to believe everyone hated me. I read too much into everything and anytime I felt hurt by rejection was encouraged by him to do so until I became isolated from family and friends feeling angry they didn’t want me but actually I had put up walls. I had pushed away based on the manipulation of the perpetrator. I dreamt repeatedly of being a butterfly with only a day to live crashing against a glass window. I could see a garden beyond but could never have be free. The seagull tells me your soul longs to soar, and it will. You’re a beautiful soul. Your body has been mistreated you may even feel it has betrayed you (tho I may be projecting my issues) but it’s part of you. Through it you feel the joy of the ocean and the sand. The warmth of the sun. Don’t reject yourself or believe automatically that others do. Let  that beautiful mind write what she wants to write. You are definitely so much more than you know. But honestly, you are destined to soar.

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