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  1. @knighk18 I’m so sorry you’re in that ‘stuck’ phase, it’s understandable given how recent it is. I get like that even now, and my traumas are not so recent. You can share as much or as little as you need/want to. Not everything you post here has to be about your experience, there are a number of boards that you can post in for other things, too. Support is also available here. Whenever you’re having a particularly difficult time, you can always ask for some support on AS and we’ll be happy to give it. Sending lots of support and safe hugs your way, if okay
  2. Hello, welcome to AS! I’m sorry for what’s brought you to this forum, but this is a wonderful safe place for you to get support. I’m glad you feel able to share your story here. The Share Your Story board becomes available to members when you’ve made a minimum of 10 posts on the rest of the forum. This is to protect us and our stories.
  3. They’re arguing and it’s causing flashbacks. Tonight is already bad because of the holidays, now it’s even worse. 

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    @fallenstar and @Struggling88 Thank you both for the welcomes.
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    @MeBeMary Thank you for the reply and welcome. I’m glad to have found somewhere that’s full of wonderful, supportive people.
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    @Angel4100 Thank you for the reply and lovely welcome. Yes, it’s okay. Sending safe hugs back
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    @Capulet and @Painnbroken Thank you both for the warm welcoming! The forums are full of such wonderful, brave people. I'm glad I've found this place when I need it. Stay safe and be kind.
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    Greetings and salutations. My name is Jo. I own 7 pets. I have hundreds of books. I collect figures and small, dainty crystal animals. I'm an artist, a writer, and a published poet. I'm starting training to become a teaching assistant. It's be suspected that I was a victim of sexual abuse up to aged 6. And I was raped 354 days ago. Which is 50 weeks and 4 days. Or 8,496 hours. Or 509,760 minutes. I tend to use numbers. It's easier than dates, especially when the first anniversary is just 11 days away. I also list things before I tell something so big, as you can see above. It distracts from the important part. I'm not sure who it helps more. Maybe them. Maybe it helps them to process that this happened to their best friend. To their cousin; to their niece. To their daughter. I don't know. I'm not very good with emotions; particularly others'. My parents aren't supportive. They found out 160 days after it happened. I can't remember how many times they've forced me to go back to the place where I bumped into the guy. They've outright called me a liar. They threatened me with lie detectors. They've even tried to tell me that it's okay if I wanted it, that '18 is a respectable age to lose your virginity'. I didn't 'lose' anything. It was taken from me. My last psychologist said they are some of the most obstructive, invalidating people he's ever met. No one besides a handful of people know about the suspected sexual abuse. Three of which are online, and one is a friend I've known for years. I actually have a query to put on here about it, I may ask later. I'm sorry this is so long. I have a propensity to ramble when I introduce myself, and clearly this post hasn't made a liar out of me yet. I'm glad to have found somewhere that is understanding and listens. Have a lovely day.
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