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  1. flashbacks

    Thank u Patricia, They are hard and its harder because Im sober now, I drown myself away with drinking n drugs.
  2. flashbacks

    Thank you for responding its taking me a lot to write but it feels good. oh thank u im gad u like my user name, we are all warriors
  3. flashbacks

    Its hard to focus on so many memories now that im sober but it feels like a door has open and this wall is finally being broken down.
  4. flashbacks

    Hey there and thank you so very much i needed to be on here and write about my flash backs its has been very fustrating. I try to hard to stay focus and no i dont have a Therapist but im looking for one.
  5. flashbacks

    Since i stop drinking, Ive had some flash backs of my assault, One was when i laid down to do sit ups and had a moment but those few moments were scary, I close eye's trying to think of something positive, it went away but left me in panic because its something i had blocked many years ago and remembered at that moment. As anyone had those flashbacks. I starting to remember thing's..