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  1. Hi and welcome to AS I'm new to and already finding this an informative and supportive place to come that allows me to be myself. I hope you can find peace and healing here.
  2. Hi struggling 88, I'm pleased to meet you ........
  3. Thanks guys I appreciate your support and kind words, I am looking forward to being part of this supportive community. Right now I'm not much good to anyone but hopefully in the not too distant future I'll be able to be a caring supportive person to others who are suffering traumatic consequences of what they have experienced.
  4. Thank you Elidand you are too kind
  5. Hi Honestheart , welcome, I am new here too, life can seem so unfair at times, but I keep remembering that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Like you I had longterm CSA and I thought I had become somewhat Normal, but recent events have just compounded everything. All the best with your journey to wellness. Look forward to chatting sometime.
  6. I'm new, still trying to work how to use the site, so forgive me if I muck up
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