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  1. Trying to hang on

    I have been assaulted 4 times in my life. The first time I was 15 and again at 17. I received help years after and had healed a lot. That was until i was attacked at 24. I developed ptsd and fell apart all over again. I still struggle because of constant reminders but did receive professional help. The last time was recently. I am 26 years old. This can’t keep happening. I don’t know what it is about me. I was without insurance for a while and am currently waiting for treatment and my new medications to work. Basically I’m barely hanging on and i really need some extra support right now.
  2. Trying to hang on

    Thank you for your support though. I am about to start counseling again for what feels like thousandth time.
  3. Trying to hang on

    Unfortunatley I did report immediately following the attack’s the last two times. The first time the cop was a complete jerk. He actually said to me “are you really all that upset by this?”. Despite dna evidence they still refused to prosecute my case. And mst recently even though there was video evidence and the cop did all he could, they also didn’t prosecute. I’ve given up on any form of justice.