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  1. Wow... I am truly overwhelmed by the support. I just started seeking counseling (2 weeks). The blaming myself is hard (i.e. Why did I have to drink that much!; I could have pushed her off, etc) . The "Rational" side of me knows I am not to blame... I was Drunk and Drugged and needed a safe ride home. Not to be raped and exposed to STDs. I did not seduce my driver... I was slurring so bad... I am not sure I knew my own name. There is no gray area....
  2. Yes... I could absolutely report the driver as all trips are logged. My word against hers... i am telling my wife this week... it’s going to be hard... and my fear is that she won’t believe me. I have been married for 7 years and believe I have the equity in my marriage to warrant her support. I need her support to get through this. Thank you for welcoming me...
  3. Thanks for the welcome reglois
  4. Hello All- I wanted to share my story with the hopes of relating to others. First off, I am a married male that was Assaulted by a female stranger. This has very hard and confusing for me... background: I was recently diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, and I was given Buspar to help allivate. About a month after I started the medication, I went out with friends to a brewery. I was unaware of the dire interaction between Buspar and Alcohol... it’s not good. I was incoherent. Google it. my friends were concerned about my well being and helped me order an Uber at ab
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