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  1. Thanks Free2Fly... hugs are much appreciated. Hugs back to you too! sorry for making your cry! And very sorry to hear about your story too; it’s sounds terribly upsetting.
  2. When I was 19 I went on holiday with my family. I was a student and couldn’t afford to go away with friends. Neither could my friend Kayleigh; so she came on holiday with us. kayleigh liked to party and dance. I wasn’t that bothered about a night out but I felt guilty as it was Kayleigh’s holiday too. So one night, towards the end of our holiday, we went along to the neighbouring town to go out dancing. We went for dinner and a bottle of wine and then went for a drink. The pubs stared closing so we got directions and a taxi to the club. It was upstairs via a lift. It was quiet when w
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