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  1. Thanks Free2Fly... hugs are much appreciated. Hugs back to you too! sorry for making your cry! And very sorry to hear about your story too; it’s sounds terribly upsetting.
  2. When I was 19 I went on holiday with my family. I was a student and couldn’t afford to go away with friends. Neither could my friend Kayleigh; so she came on holiday with us. kayleigh liked to party and dance. I wasn’t that bothered about a night out but I felt guilty as it was Kayleigh’s holiday too. So one night, towards the end of our holiday, we went along to the neighbouring town to go out dancing. We went for dinner and a bottle of wine and then went for a drink. The pubs stared closing so we got directions and a taxi to the club. It was upstairs via a lift. It was quiet when we got there but got busy quickly. Kayleigh spoke the local language and soon these two guys were buying us drinks. The Tall one spoke English and Kayleigh and him were chatting. His stockt friend didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak the local language so we danced and muddled through with gestures. They bought us drinks all night and after a short time they suggested we go to another club better than this one... I was wary, but drunk and quickly talked into it by Kayleigh. We then got in their car?!?! to drive there. We arrived, it had heavy big curtains and was really busy. I danced with his friend a bit more but was starting to feel very drunk. Drunker than I’d ever been. My peripheral vision had disapeared... it was looking through a tunnel and my legs were like jelly. The bar man handed me water, but the guy took it off me?but the bar man gave me another one. We left, I thought we were going home. We went to the beach. Kayleigh disappeared with the tall guy. It was just me and his friend. We walked along through the sun beds for a bit and sat down on a pair; either side of the umbrella. I don’t remember exactly what happened next but he was on my sunbed. Then he was on top of me. I shouted for Kayleigh, I cried, I tried to push him off. It was as though I weren’t there... he said nothing. Some kids further along the beach mimicked my shouts back at me. I gave up. I stopped fighting, I stopped crying. I just lay there and let him. When end he was done, he moved back to the other sunbed, reclining on his back. I tried to run away. I tripped and fell face first into the sand. It was so cold - I remember feeling incredibly shocked by that. It sort of jolted me to my senses. I had no idea where we were, no money - although in retrospect I’m not sure where it had all gone. Kayleigh arrived back with the talk one, laughing and joking. I got in the car with them. We didn’t go home, again we stopped at another beach... quieter and closer to where we were staying. I recognised it. I could have run away, but I couldn’t really walk unaided, I could have tried though. Instead I got on a sunbed and let him do what he wanted... I told myself I wanted it too, he wasn’t making these choices for me, it wasn't rape because I’d decided not to run, not to fight and to let him. Eventually Kayleigh and the other guy returned. They drove us to our apartment. When we were home she said “I heard you shouting” and asked if I’d had a good night. I said yes and got into bed, but all I could think was they knew where we were staying.
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