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  1. Me too. I have to pace myself. alphabet soup
  2. Thanks guys, i already feel less alone. alohabet soup
  3. Thanks everyone for your responses. I spoke to a woman who was in my group 30 years ago this weekend, as a result of the reopening of my story. I so appreciate how once we connect on this issue...we are connected for life. Does not matter how much time has passed. Alphabet Soup
  4. My best to you. The journey begins here. Good luck, Alphabet Soup
  5. Angel, Best of luck to you as you start your journey. You will find your way. Alphabet Soup
  6. Welcome. Safe place to start. Overwhelming reality of truth. Alphabet Soup
  7. Welcome, I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Alphabet Soup
  8. Welcome, One thing I know is I feel better with the perspectives of others. Leaving my process to just my own mind causes me to run around in circles with no way out. I'm back, after 30 years. I thought I was well. I spent two days in my head and felt frozen. I had to reach out too. I'm hopeful, let's just keep talking...see where it leads. Alphabet Soup
  9. Yep, that's me too! Surprises and seeping through whether we want it to, or not! Let it flow, you will find your way. Welcome, Alphabet Soup
  10. Who I am, Welcome, Keep talking, keep reaching out. Being unaware of who we are seems to be a pattern for most of us. Great place to start self discovery is right here. "We're only as sick as the secrets we keep"...a quote that helped me in my healing process. The more secrets I told...the more space in my head for my true self to emerge. Alphabet Soup
  11. I am a survivor. It's been a long time since I considered myself one. I was in a child sexual abuse case where I was vindicated over 30 years ago. I did a lot of emotional work then...groups, individual, I appeared on the local news for a few weeks on a special for CSA survivors. I went back to school became a therapist and for the last few decades worked in the field of healing. I thought I had done all the healing I could do...It happened 43 years ago... Then a news flash...press releases... My perpetrator's son's face and name...114 years for the brutal assault and rape of a
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