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  1. Cheria


    im sorry words are hard to get out frighting if i might add .its hard for me like a traffic jam in your head.i tried watching and listening to some nature meditation it felt so good to me use ear plugs.the ones for ptsd and anxiety on you tube.hope you find peace.
  2. Cheria

    Me myself and my thoughts

    Yes well don't .give up .Don"t give whatever s making you feel like that the benefit.I know what its like to be stuck in your head .to be in a room full of people and fill like your the only one in the world. But you see now that your on this sight you will see so many of us have been and are on that same coach.With those demons in our heads only now we get to get those feelings out,and yes that is hard to even think about.its hard for me very hard very very hard.But fight anyway cause your worth the fight even if you don't think so now.and I'm saying this to myself as well.because I'm fighting those demons too.if ok
  3. yes for sure the idea is what is ok to some young man starts with what is allowed to be ok like demeaning woman when he's young .
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