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  1. I'm new here as well..I know what you mean about it being hard to open up to someone. It would be difficult with someone you really know well or even a perfect stranger..I find it hard to just hear myself say the words out loud, and what I experienced I know isn't all that horrific compared to what so many others have. I think it's good you have found this board, everyone seems very nice and supportive. No advice on the therapy from me as I have never been..just reaching out for safe hugs if that's ok
  2. Hi there..new here, just struggling recently from an event many, many years ago. A one time incident that hasn't bothered me at all for years, now all of a sudden it's a constant cloud over my head, it follows me everywhere. Anyways, hope to find some peace soon..knowing I need to talk about it to someone, somewhere..and came across this site.
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