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  1. OMG the holidays here are finally over!!!!! I made it through again, whew. :party::lol::laugh3:

    1. Hoping8


      Agreed!  Congratulations!

    2. snmls


      We survived!  :clap:

    3. Patrice


      glad we all made it!!

  2. Thank you all so much.
  3. Thank you all so much for your kindness.
  4. Hello all. I just found this website. I am grateful for it too. I am a childhood SA survivor, a survivor of R, and of DV. These last holidays were extremely hard for me. I often feel so alone and that I am the only one dealing with all this. It has affected my sleep,(nightmares) my health, my checkbook, my relationships, and my waking hours are often filled with overwhelming flashbacks and memories. I left home at 18 and never went back and did not remember until I found a wonderful therapist. So, my stuff is coming up now to heal. #me too also, many times in employment. I am sorry f
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