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  1. Hopeless. Frustrated with myself. I need to be better. 😞

    1. Capulet


      You already are the best you can be for the moment.  Keep your chin up, darling! ❤️ There's always hope.

    2. BrightSide


      Healing is not pretty or graceful or perfect. Even now with everything your experiencing and the pain you are in, you are still fighting back and making it through each day! I know you want to do better but may I suggest your doing well enough with everything your going through and when your feeling stronger then you will manage better. Right now every day you battle through is amazing and Im in awe of your courage and fight. And please remember at these times of self-hate how far you have come, remember the battles you have won and overcome. Sitting with you while you wobble if you like? 💛B

    3. Enigma87


      @Capulet Thank you friend. I really appreciate you saying that. 😢❤️ Got off a session with my T, and am feeling ashamed for giving into things we have been working to stop. I hope you are well. :hug:

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