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    Writing, reading, singing, dancing, studying and pursuing my degree, watching movies, raising my son, baking, watching football, spring and summertime

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I'm an extremist. I'm a recovering addict. Stubborn. A survivor. My truth can hurt its so blunt. Cant trust anyone. My expectations of people and myself can be almost impossibly high. Love music and art, philosophy and psychology. Love the woods and the beach. Cant stand the cold and love to sweat. A proud mother. A huge heart underneath my thick walls of ice. Bittersweet. Sweetest friend and bitterest enemy. Covered in emotional scars. Pursuing my education. Struggling with the past. Blinding light and crushing darkness. Foolish and wise beyond my years. Very weak and vulnerable but nothing can touch or hurt me, power of the goddess flows through my veins. Fun and outgoing and silent and terrified of people. Observant and oblivious. Clumsy and graceful. Thirsty for knowledge, full of some yet everything i think i know is wrong. Jealous and suspicious, tolerant patient and forgiving. Restless and consumed by wanderlust. Longing for permanent roots, for something that doesnt change, something to depend on. Floating among the clouds and stuck in the mud. Responsible and forgetful. I believe in nature and the power of prayer. We heal ourselves and each other with love. I dont help those who wont help themselves. Truly, my light and my dark sides are equally intense. I am full and empty at the same time. I am perfect love and darkest hate. I am transcendant mirth and uncontrollable anger. But i am just a tiny speck in our little universe. And i have a purpose... 

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