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  1. Thanks @Painbroken I'm sorry for your trauma and also finding it difficult to open up. I also definitely avoid questions and have become very good at laughing, smiling and making conversation to mask how I'm really feeling. That's how we function after the trauma as a survival mechanism but for me it seems to have become a way of living. Thanks for the encouragement to take my time and look into a different T, I will definitely do that. Thanks so much for the help and take care.
  2. Those are very wise words @silentg thank you for taking the time to respond. It's helpful to remember that I need to be kind to myself in this process too. I tend to always beat myself up for things, even going to therapy. I had been thinking of going to a different T because the one I am seeing right now specializes in weight management and doesn't work much with trauma. So I am going to change my T and hopefully will be share a little bit more as I get used to it. I totally agree that no one else should feel ashamed. I'm already learning so much and feeling very supported so thank you again.
  3. Thanks so much for your kind responses, @Lindiana It's nice to meet someone else new. It is hard to open up, but we're starting to do it on this forum and I think we should be proud of ourselves for that. My experience hasn't been that horrific either but sometimes how we suffer after the experience can make it worse. Everyone has a different experience and I'm starting to learn not to compare myself to others because that isn't going to help in my recovery. I'm sorry for the suffering that you've experienced. Giving safe hugs back
  4. Hi, I'm new here and am happy to have found this community. I've recently finally taken the steps to start living life properly and am in therapy for the first time. Has anyone else found it incredibly difficult to open up in therapy? I have shared with my therapist about depression, suicidal thoughts and self harm which are things that I'm also ashamed of. But no matter how much I try I haven't been able to tell her about the childhood R from so many years ago. I need to talk about in therapy because I'm still suffering from shame, guilt and self hatred. I welcome all your comment
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