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  1. When I was trying to explain to my mother how the guys used threats to keep me submissive including allowing me to be terrified that I would get knifed (they all carried them and one did threaten a friend who was trying to protect me). She asked if I was ever raped at knifepoint. My reply was "No, it was not at my throat, but it was in reaching distance most of the times." Her invalidating reply was "Well that doesnt count as threating." :angry:
  2. A long list, I will probably add new posts when they occur. "You and Eric have ruin the family" My sister referring the fact that both my brother and I have PTSD. "You are just making it up so you can get attention" Like I want to go through the pain??? This was told to me by my sister while I was shaking and crying. What is even worse is that my parents want me to get over the fact that my sister thinks I am lying. "Oh, she is overreacting." My parents telling my understanding sister that they were not coming home to take care of me after my sister had picked me up because I was having a severe panic attack and thinking about suicide. This is the most common response I get from people. "There is nothing we can do for you." My parents view on their role in my recovery. "I want to speak to your therapist about the clothing that you wear. It is too provocative." My father's main concern about the aftermath of the abuse. Ok, so I guess I have to wear baggy clothes to convince him I was raped???? "I was raped and it has not affected me. Why are you bothered by it?" Ok, if she is truly fine with it, I am jealous. "He was such a nice guy, he could not have raped that girl." My sister discussing a friend of hers that was accused of raping one of her other friends.
  3. Icyjava8


    Hi I am new to this forum. I was referred to it by a friend. My hope is that this will help me through the rough times and give me some comfort when I am hiding from the memories.
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