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  1. First off I wanted to apologize for the incredibly nondescript/unhelpful bland name I have chosen but I sat there for like 30 minutes trying to figure out what to make my name when registering as to not be identifying and it was just really how I was feeling at the time, I only just got the courage to check back and post which may be ridiculous I don't know but I just feel it's time to not keep things to myself anymore and talk to people that understand how it feels and maybe get some healing out of it/help others. It's really nice to have a place to feel safe so I appreciate this place even if no one really knows me yet, so thank you all for having such a warm and welcoming and nice community for such a difficult and stressful topic, I have been browsing around seeing what the place is like and everyone just seems so supportive and it's honestly amazing. i am also a bit scared to accidentally overstep boundaries or post in the wrong place or something so I believe this is the correct place to post this and hope I have said nothing wrong in this introduction but I just really am glad to have found a place of support and look forward to getting some stuff out/learning/helping anyone I can as well and just wanted to say Hey and I hope whoever is reading this if anyone does has a really amazing day and if it's not going great for you I hope it starts going well <3 - Blake
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