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  1. Hi @EvaMillie, I'm new to the AS community too. Just today I've had a breakthrough with my therapist, as due to circumstances it became really clear that I can't talk about what happened or say it out loud. (I thought I could and I thought i was, but really the sessions were going no where) However, after completing one of the excercises she set me, it showed us both that I can write about what happened/my emotions/ where my head is at etc. Therefore im now going down that route. As it only happened today, I can't vouch that it will work, but maybe an idea for you to take to your therapist? Hope that things do become easier for you. MJ x
  2. Hi I've joined as because I am going through a very rough time due to an event that took place several months ago. I can't help but feel alone despite when i'm surrounded by friends and family, therefore I wanted to find a place which would allow me to speak to others openly and to hopefully at some point in the future, be able to offer support to others going through something similar. I'm off to explore the site a bit more and maybe speak to some of you soon? Thanks, MJ.
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