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    After Silence & my therapy room
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  1. ashamed
    of what?
    you ask
    in bewilderment
    but i can't tell 
    cuz of the shame
    that is 
    ever present 
    around people
    i hate that
    i was violated
    that i have urges
    i can't control
    that when i look
    at you 
    i am pulled
    to certain
    and i bet
    that you could tell
    i feel like you 
    are looking 
    with scorn
    for the little boy who's
    been called idiot 
    that's how you see me
    my brain whispers
    i need to hide
    i know
    you are laughing
    at me
    do i smell?
    did i do
    or say
    something stupid?
    and i'm ashamed
    cuz i see how
    all the kids my age
    laugh play 
    and live.
    there's something
    I'm missing
    what is it?
    are they in on
    a joke?
    they have fun 
    playing sports
    and games
    what's wrong 
    with me?
    I'm so ashamed
    can't look you
    in the face
    you must know
    how weird i 
    am acting
    and people
    ignore me
    and lose interest
    when I speak
    what are they seeing?
    I am so ashamed
    it's all hidden
    i can't just 
    ask you
    what's wrong with
    you hate me
    that's why you
    ignore me
    i'm too embarrassed 
    to reveal my sexuality
    was uncovered
    you'll be so 
    so it's all
    i totally 
    my existence
    it's just 
    too hard
    i'm only 8 years
    but believe me
    i'm ready to 
    do you get it now?


     EliSand  :cry:
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