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    After Silence & my therapy room
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    certain pop music, Being in supportive & caring atmosphere, Psychology,

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  1. lonesome
    all separate from people
    pull away though 
    your assurance is
    what I need
    to hold me close 
    tell me you're there 
    take your time
    I'm here for you
    All alone
    waiting for you to
    notice me
    see my abuse
    be strong for me
    take me under your wing
    provide for my needs
    care for my broken
    give care like a fountain
    where has everyone been?
    can't you
    step into my shattered world?
    or are you
    too preoccupied
    with your own
    I now see
    no-one is all confident
    and secure
    though it looked like you were
    you were a counselor or teacher
    a big guy who 
    looked out for us
    but now I know
    I wasn't your life 
    you are busy
    I'm a side-interest
    It's too bad
    why can't people be
    what I believed
    and yearned
    but I know this is
    how I'll be
    for anyone who 
    needs my care
    No-one is totally 
    but for the child crying out 
    I could be


    1. Sapphira


      I love this! :)

    2. elisand


      thank you I might create more like this

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