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  1. struggling

    I am really struggling today. I have contemplated why I am even here. I have nothing to offer anybody. I'm scared all the time. I'm so lonely but I can't leave my house. I miss the person that I used to be even though that person was a fake. A fake smile, a fake "I'm ok". At least I was able to be out in the world. But pretending got too hard and now here I am. Alone and tired of trying. I feel like giving up.
  2. help with profile

    Thank you so much for your help. I am panicking a little bit because I don't want my birthday on there either. I feel like I have given too much information. I will try the advice you have given me. Thanks again.
  3. help with profile

    Thanks so much. I really would like to change the name but I am not sure how to contact the administrator. I should have paid better attention in computer class lol.
  4. help with profile

    I am new on this site and not very good with computers and I realized that I really don't want my name and last initial to be showing but I am not sure how to change it on my profile. I was hoping that mabey someone could let me know how I can do that . Thanks so much.
  5. First Time Here

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I have to admit that even talking on here is causing me some major anxiety but I need to find a way to move forward. I am not used to talking to another human being during the day except twice a week with my counselor and at night when my husband comes home from work. I have somehow managed to push everyone away and I have to admit it gets lonely but at least it feels safe so this is a huge step for me. Thank you again for your kindness.
  6. First Time Here

    It is my first time that I have reached out to anyone besides my counselor. I am a little nervous and am not sure if I am navigating this site correctly. I wont say too much about my story except that it started along time ago. I have spent most of my life in and out of hospitals until ten years ago when I met my husband. I thought that I could be happy and pretend that everything was fine with me when in fact I managed to hide it all. I let my guard down and I ended up putting myself in another "bad position" which has led me to become a recluse in my home. In the last year and a half the only time I can leave my house is when I am with my husband or to go to my counseling sessions. Its very difficult to be a prisoner in your own home but too afraid to leave so I thought that I would finally reach out. Thanks for listening. I hope I am using this correctly.