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  1. Thank you everyone for sending your support:)
  2. Hi (**Possibly Triggering**) This is my first time reaching out for help in a long time. I was r**** in 2nd grade, as a junior in high school I was gang r****, and the last 3 times were the summer after I graduated. I struggle mightily with PTSD and Anorexia and depression/anxiety, and have medication but the memories are still haunting me constantly. I see *them* everywhere. Despite having a therapist for almost a year now, I can't seem to get my life back together. That T suggested this as a safe place for me. I have a husband and am in school to become a surgeon, but that life is falling to pieces and I'm scrambling... I don't know what to do and this is a final cry for help. For the purposes of Anonymity, I will go by the name "Katja" here. If anyone is willing to sit with me, I'd be most grateful. -Katja
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