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  1. Hello Everbody

    @Jf967 welcome, I am new too. And also determined to not let my assault rule my life. We are not alone!
  2. Hello, new survivor here

    Hi @PurpleDaisy13 I am new too. Welcome. I think we found a good place. Just reading everyone's warm welcomes has a therapeutic effect on me. I hope you find the same. We are NOT alone.
  3. New to this

    @fallenstar thanks for the info! Still getting the hang of this. Have a great day
  4. New to this

    Thank you all all for the kind, encouraging words and warm welcome. Reading your messages has had a soothing therapeutic effect on me, I can tell I found the right place I am having trouble finding where the "share your story" board is. Any tips or guidance greatly appreciated.
  5. New to this

    I have been looking for a safe place like this for a while, wasn't ready up till now may. The first 16 or so years it was buried deep. occasionally it would surface but would go away quickly for various reasons...and then it started to bubble up and fester. The last two years have been a roller coaster emotionally, psychologically. I feel I have lost many friends and support, have missed or sabotaged many opportunities. Im stuck. I want to move out of this place in my head. I want to heal my long ignored wounds. I want to reconnect with the 27 year old me that I abandoned.