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  1. Trying to hang on

    Sarahslays. First up it is not your fault its about power contol. You are not alone in this you are a survivor and a warrior. If you havnt already reach out to your local svu and get this reported an 2 when possible seek ptsd counseling. Safe hugs and smiles on their way
  2. Hello : first time doing this and a little nervous about this...so here goes.......I my assault was 30 years ago while I was in the navy I had repressed it until about 1 yr ago talk about turning my life upside down I've reached out for counselling on aggressive behavioral issues to no avail being fired on several jobs and excessive drinking and fighting.i had my first trigger and got escorted to a trauma psychologist where I was diagnosed with severe PTSD, I went through the 16 week session ordeal and felt like things were going good I've been out of therapy for about 2 months and things are.starting to resurface again, feeling depressed, anxiety and overwhelmed.