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  1. It sucks... Made worse if they know what he did and are like it wasn't all bad. Like him buying me a bike or taking the family camping ect.. could ever make things okay... Just cause he wasn't bad all the time doesn't mean it makes up for what he did or that he should be considered a good person....
  2. Yeah I thought him being gone would make me feel better that he is no longer on this earth... I in someways I do feel better. However, I guess what I wasn't ready for is all the people that thought he was this great guy. Saying they miss him ect. I kinda lost my cool when I saw a video of his urn that was inscripted with loving father and husband....
  3. Thank you for the welcome... I find it's hard to find people around to talk to... My family are to close to the issue and I feel like some of what I have to say will hurt them. And people that weren't there then and doesn't directly affect like my partner it upsets to talk about me going through it. Also sometimes my thoughts circle around certain events and I've already told them about it and they don't want to keep hearing it. I did try counseling and I found someone I could get along well with but moved and the new one I found I just couldn't connect with and I didn't feel like I was ma
  4. Hi, I'm 41 years old survivor of being molested almost all my childhood, and teen years by my stepfather. Who also abused my mom the whole time as well. I'm trying to find away to deal with and get past stuff. My stepfather died a year ago and it kind of brought things to a boiling point and I've seen had a lot harder of a time handling everything.
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