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  1. Hi treading, welcome. I'm so sorry for everything that's brought you here.
  2. I am so sorry I hope as a society we can get to a point where women don't have to ask what it is about them. What is it about men that they keep abusing women? Welcome, I hope you can find some support in your struggles here.
  3. I'm so sorry for what brought you here, but glad you've been on a path towards recovery. Welcome
  4. BeeKnee


    WelcomeWinters, I hope you can find a safe space here.
  5. Hi Phoenix, welcome. I came here in the process of healing from events from 30 years ago also. You aren't alone.
  6. Welcome elisand, there are many here who unfortunately do understand but hopefully you can find some support.
  7. Hi Hedgie, I'm so sorry for what's happened to you. welcome - I hope you can find some peace.
  8. I just found this site this weekend after a difficult week. I'm still very early in my healing process even though the abuse was 30 years ago. So grateful to find a community. I'm looking forward to reading and listening and eventually talking more. So thank you all for being here. ❤️
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