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  1. Hello, Is there a way for me to hide my birth date from public? I tried to edit it in my profile but it does not save. Thank you. ************ This issue has been resolved. Thank you.
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    Hi, This is all quite new for me. Even though this is internet and I'm behind a computer, sharing my experience is still quite intimidating. Plus, internet can be mean. The assault happened about 10 years ago, at a church. I was too young to understand, but the experience haunts me none the less. What's worse is I found out later on that he assaulted another girl at a different place. Logically I understand that I'm not responsible for his action; but I can't help but feel that my silence came with a price. I'm working on putting this behind me and moving on. However, it is really difficult. I feel like I see him at every street corners. And sadly, sometimes I do. I'm not sure how this site and community is supposed to work. But here I am. Thank you
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