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  1. Wow, I got overloaded and bailed before I got to see the rest of the kind, welcoming, supportive replies from all of you. Sorry, I am still going through a very rough patch and am just too exhausted to reply to each one of you individually, but please know your kindness and support are so appreciated. Thank you so much @josiel @Kris78 @Rey Stromnight @Oneinamillion @silentg @fallenstar @reglois @Painnbroken @stagnes @Capulet @MeBeMary 💙💙💙
  2. Thank so much for your kindness and support, Capulet. It is much appreciated
  3. Thank you so much, Mary. I should say Trauma counselling has helped me enormously but there are just some things it can't help with (like my husband not emotionally supporting me for 8 months and then abandoning me and our 20 year relationship 3 months after that and one week before the 1st anniversary of the rape, and also his not believing me (because I developed P.T.S.D. when I remembered the rape and all sorts of paranoid and delusions/mixes up memories came out as a result) that there were three guys who watched part of the rape or that I told his friend (who I thought was my friend, too) what happened that night and he got threatened and intimidated into not helping me go tell my husband and go to the police that night. So I am really struggling with not being believed by my husband and no matter how much work I do with my trauma counsellir, insm the only one who can let go of the need for him to validate me and believe me that there were more people were involved than the two people he accepts as being involved. Sorry, I hope that stuff is ok to say. I don't think it was triggering but please tell me if it was and should have been said somewhere else. Thank you again for your kindness and support. I think joining this site is probably the best thing I have fine for myself in a very long while.
  4. Hello everyone, It has been almost two and half years since I was drugged and sexually assaulted and I find despite regular trauama counselling I am not doing very well. I am extremely isolated and feel very alone and am hoping that joining this group can maybe help with that a little bit. Thanks.
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