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  1. Hello, new survivor here

    Thank you all! I had a smile reading these posts. I can tell finding this website was a great find!
  2. Hello, new survivor here

    Thank you, Capulet, for your support and condolences. It’s very encouraging to have someone reply so quickly!
  3. Hello, new survivor here

    I am a survivor of csa as well as r(not during childhood or same perpetrator). I hope this website and forum will help me feel less alone. It took me a long time to even write up this introduction. The only person in my life who could truly understand csa passed away early this year so I have been having a rough time, not only with her death, but with the loss of my confidant. I only told her a month or so before she passed, even though it happened years previous. It’s been a long road, but I hope reaching out for help like this will help.