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  1. Hello New here

    Hi everyone, I am glad I can find a place to talk with people that understand. It is amazing to see how many people are part of this. It is very sad in a way. It is so wrong that we had to experience this. I was raped by my ex husband, boyfriend and then a complete stranger. The stranger hurt me the most. He was an uber driver. I think he drugged my friend and I. We were in San Diego for a domestic violence retreat. He knew that and I think he took advantage of our vulnerability. I could not make sound judgement. I wanted him out of our hotel room but I remember just laying down and falling asleep. Next I knew it, he was on top of me. I froze. I did not know if I was dreaming or not. When I came too I burst in tears. He says I was all over him. What a liar. That is hard when I hardly made any contact with him all night and was sleeping. I know I was sleeping in the bed. I burst into tears and rolled in a ball. I knew I should have called the cops, but I was froozen. I thought it was my fault. I did it. He got into my thinking. I now know the truth.