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  1. New Member -- Looking for hope

    WTH! There is evil in this world. I will say one thing. What happened to me and my family's reaction has made me hyper focused on doing the right thing. I know I don't always get it right, but I try as best I can and ask for forgiveness with sincere remorse when I screw up. If there's one thing that sticks with my kids after I'm gone, I hope it's that.
  2. New Member -- Looking for hope

    Thanks, @Oneinamillion. I'm already finding this forum to be helpful. What a great group of supportive people! I feel a sense of peace and truth when I'm here that I don't have elsewhere in life. Sorry your family is doing the same thing to you.
  3. New Member -- Looking for hope

  4. New Member -- Looking for hope

    OMG! My dad used to say that exact thing to me!!! Not about the abuse, but other things. It drove me crazy! How much more patronizing can you get? As for my theory, for my mom anyway, is that she has a desperate need for me to be lying because, if I'm not, she might have to ask herself why didn't she see the signs and how could she have been married to someone who could do that. I think accusing someone of lying can be selfish in that respect. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  5. New Member -- Looking for hope

    I'm hoping to find what I've been looking for for decades. My story is probably less dramatic than 90% of the people here. But the damage still haunts me, and I need to get past this somehow. I've seen a few comments about how the lack of support of family members can be just as damaging as the original abuse. I think for me, it's almost worse. To have my brother say he doesn't believe me just rips the scab off again. It happened. I know it. My dad knew it. And God knows it. But I can't let go of my need for justice or at least to be believed. How do you get to the point where you accept that people think you're lying? If I were lying about something like this, what would that say about my character? If they honestly think I'm making this up, why on earth would they want to maintain a relationship with me? I can't imagine thinking someone was lying about being molested and wanting to spend time with them. Am I missing something?