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  1. I should have included in my first post why I chose the name Tigerswallowtail. My T recently told me that it's like I'm in a chrysalis that I am about ready to emerge a new girl with all the changes that I've been making.  I love butterflies and the Tiger Swallowtail is one of my favorites. The thought that I'm in the process of turning all the ugly in my life into something beautiful gives me hope.  I will have to say that the metamorphosis is rather painful at times, but I'm determined to not give up and to hang in there.

  2. Thank you MeBeMary.  I am glad to be able to say that since seeing my T, my mom & I have had many conversations where I've really been able to open up to her.  It hasn't been easy for her as she struggles with feeling like she should have picked up on what was happening, but she honestly had know idea what was going on in her own home.  I don't blame her at all.  My abuser was an older foster brother.  My dad was unknowing involved in some of what happened.  Again, he didn't know and he died about a year later.  One of my deepest pains and regret is the fact that I never told my dad what happened and now it is too late.  It is so hard to find closure in regards to how he handled some things.

  3. Hi Flori!

    I'm new here too, but I just wanted to let you know that I also struggled with the "me too" posts.  First, like you, I didn't want to be so public with my story.  Perhaps someday in the future there will be a platform that I'd be comfortable sharing on, but this didn't feel like the right place for me.  Secondly I also struggled with the lumping together of abuse and harassment.  I've had both.  Because of my past abuse just a mild form of harassment can be a trigger for me. But it was through this movement that I found out that a relative of mine also went through abuse.  I had no idea.  So while I can see some good in that others are finding their voice through this, I also know that it isn't for everyone (me included).  

    I do hope that you can find support here at AS and a safe place to use your voice.




  4. Hi, I'm not sure how to start here... I was sexually abused as a child and kept silent for many years.  I did eventually tell my mom, but still didn't talk about it much.  Basically I just tried to forget and move on with life.  But I couldn't forget.  I've been going to counseling for over a year now and am trying to be more open to others about my past.  For so long I struggled (still do) with guilt and shame, even though I know it was in no way my fault. I'm hoping that by joining this group that I will find my voice even if it is just through writing. 

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