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  1. Thank you @ContinuingMetanoia for your comments and for praying for me!  I made it through the first two days of class (English Composition 110)!  I love it!  I'm enjoying my teacher, he is passionate about what he is teaching and his goal is to help us become the best writers that we can be.  So far I've not had any issues or bad vibes.  I'm starting to get to know some of my classmates and hope to make some new friends. 

  2. Thank you @Exdancer1986 for your encouraging words!  I went today to the college and went thru the process of applying and getting registered.  If everything works out with the financial aid, I should start my first class Jan. 16th!!!  I'm so excited!  It went well today, was nervous especially during the placement test (did bad on the algebra one). At least that part is over.  My teacher will be a man.  Hoping I do ok with that. 

    Thanks again for writing!  I have read some of your posts and hope things will all work out for you too.


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