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    Playing drums, guitar and piano. Running. Snowboarding.

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  1. Been on this sight a few months and I am still scared/anxious to type my story :( If I can't even type it, how will I ever stop this silence? What if I can't heal? Feeling a bit discouraged. 

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    2. Sonder11


      Mary, you have no idea how relieved I am to hear you say this! I felt like I was behind or broken by not being able to share that part of my life at this point. Thank you for helping me restore the bit of faith I had in myself. :hug:

    3. Capulet


      Sonder, please remember there is no time limit on sharing.  I find that simply saying you can relate in response to someone else's post  is helpful, or just letting out little by little.  No one here is going to pressure you into sharing before you are one hundred percent ready.  There's no rush. :)  Welcome to AS, I have been here quite a while but took a long break.

      Safe hugs. 

    4. Sonder11


      Thank you, Capulet! I will definitely remember that. Figuring out how to heal/be okay has proven to be a challenge. Thank you, I appreciate any tips/advice you give!