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  1. Hi @Sapphira, luv having you around!:wave:

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    2. Sapphira


      @elisand I am okay, just came here to look for some support. How are you doing?

    3. elisand


      Good for now but I'm on the roller-coaster. You probably know what I mean

    4. Sapphira


      Yes, I do. Sitting with you and safe hugs if okay :hug:

  2. Feels like I was born into a Great White tank. Always having to be alert and protect myself, never being able to enjoy life.

  3. Thank you everyone. @MeBeMary You're absolutely right about SA being hard to understand. That's one of my biggest struggles because I sometimes feel stuck, but I realise now the more I understand the better I can deal with things.
  4. Hello, I'm new here. I'm a survivor of sexual assault. I'm hoping to understand and find some support here that would help me heal.
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