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  1. I had a really, really bad night last night.  Bad trigger, then awful, awful nightmares.  I'm too embarrassed to write about the triggers, I feel so ashamed.  I need support😞

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    2. waterlily13


      Thank you so much @Free2Fly @MeBeMary and @mini.finchI slept better last night so that's good, I'm so tired lately.  I'm trying to be kind to myself but it's hard.  The trigger was hard, and the memory it triggered from the night of my assault...I'm just so ashamed of:(I'm gonna try to talk about it with T, but I have a feeling I'll dissociate.  It's so hard carrying this :(

    3. MeBeMary


      I know it's hard to believe, but the shame is NOT yours. I hope talking to your T helps. Remember that you are braver than you know. If you don't believe it yourself, try to take my word for it. 

      Will pocket-ride when you go see T. Supporting you. :hug:  

    4. Free2Fly


      It's okay lilly, glad you got to sleep better.

      Hope you can give yourself time to find comfort from this.

      Still sitting with if needed and safe hugs :hug:if ok?

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