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  1. Have T today and I'm anxious, could use sitters, need to talk about some hard things and last time I did I dissociated :(

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    2. waterlily13


      Thank you so much @Capulet@MeBeMary, I could feel you guys sitting with me and it helped!!  It went really well, we worked on strategies to help me manage my anxiety and symptoms as we delve deeper into stuff.  I will write more later, I need to talk and process but it just sends my anxiety up so high, I'm sitting with all the emotions, they're hard but it's a good thing, but it's all just so exhausting sometimes.  I haven't really cried about my assault before, which sounds so ridiculous but I just can't seem to let myself feel enough to do it, it's just to much to feel, but I need to and I think I will get there if I keep working at this.

    3. AKB


      So glad to hear it went well @waterlily13! Sending you my fave bubble dude. :bubble:

    4. waterlily13


      Thank you so much @AKB!  I love him!! ❤️ 

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