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  1. Hi Donna, Chocolate lovers unite! Welcome to After Silence. No need to be lonely anymore. Looking forward to getting to know you. FragileHeart.
  2. Hi Jaida, Welcome to After Silence. Nice to meet you again. FragileHeart
  3. Hello Eclipse, Sending you Hugs right back Welcome to After Silence. FragileHeart
  4. Hello Daniela, Reaching out gives us all hope. Welcom to After Silence. FragileHeart.
  5. Fragile_Heart


    Hi Mouse, Welcome to After Silence FragileHeart.
  6. Hello Fiery_Faerie, Welcome to After Silence. Hope to get to know you better. FragileHeart
  7. Fragile_Heart


    Hello Jan, Have to agree, After Silence is a refreshing site and lots to check out. Welcome FragileHeart.
  8. Hello Butterfly, Think of it as your coming out party. Welcome to After Silence. FragileHeart.
  9. Hello Ebonydream, Welcome to After Silence FragileHeart
  10. Thanks Mariposa, Donnie and Feiry_Faerie for the warm welcome to After Silence. I am glad my pc troubles are behind me and I can check out the forum in earnest again. Take care. FragileHeart.
  11. Hi, I am FragileHeart. I am 39 y/o, female and no children and I just wanted to briefly reintroduce myself. I had some log in problems, with my previous post deleted, but now I can finally check out the forum again totally problem free. Yeah I am here for many of the same reasons as everyone else moreorless. Hopefully, we can get to know eachother better. To forum members who Welcomed me to After Silence initially, let me say Thank you once again. I appreciate you taking the time so say "Hello". Take care. FragileHeart.
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