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  1. 6 hours ago, Painnbroken said:

    Welcome to As!  I'm sorry for the trauma you've experienced.  I'm also sorry that you're parents blamed you for what had happened and you do not have any support.  One thing you will find here is support it's not the same of having in person but you will get all the support you need from all of us here.  Take your time say as little or as much as you like. Best wishes on your healing journey. 


    I have some support through a few close friends. But no one lives close to me, they're all out of state. 

  2. I'm not quite sure how these things go so I'm just going to put a little blurb up before going into work. I'm a uni student that was assaulted by a close family member from the ages of 8 and 10, roughly. I've struggled with depression and anxiety heavily because of it. A good friend of mine suggested this as a place to start because I'm nervous about starting counseling again. My parents also blame me for it happening and offer no support emotionally and financially. 

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