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    playing softball<br />volleyball<br />traveling<br />taking care of children<br />reading<br />going on mission trips

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  1. hi carlie!!!! welcome to as i hope that you learn from us as much as we learn from you! if you need someone im here anytime. just pm me and ill get back to you asap. just to let you know tho my computer is being fixed so it might be the next day before i can get back to you.
  2. Chrissy welcome to as! you will find we support each other in our journey and that we each have our own role in this well connected family Glad you could join us!
  3. i was "hurt" by both genders im not comfortable with anyone and im not happy with most of them but i am able to cope somehow. i am usually numb so i dont feel so i can stand being around them but as far as the hugging and mushy stuff - hell no! i can hug a few people in my family and a few REALLY REALLY close friends but thats it! the rest no! i just keep a safe distant and PRAY SO HARD i dont puke or have a panic attack or anything in the meantime.
  4. hun start with whatever you want whenever you want. its not a process that can be rushed. we are all here for you! i am here for you anytime! it never fully goes away but it does subside as we begin to heal and thats something im sorta learning now. i hope you find what you need here. rebekah
  5. welcome to as! its good to see you have some. dont worry about it you will open up when you are ready we all were the same way. i hope you find what you are looking for here! this is like a family and the support adn love and care is awesoem! enjoy!
  6. dear friend let me first start off by saying " WELCOME " i am glad that you have come here and that you are willing to take control of your life again. it is a difficult thing to do and say so if you get discouraged please dont think you have fallen for we all do and it takes a little while to get up so dont feel like a failure. i too suffer from csa ( childhood sexual assault) and i am still facing the possibility every day. i hope that you find what you are looking for here. if you ever need someone to talk to email me or pm me for i always answer and i always check my mail at least 2 or 3
  7. hi amber it is always difficult to start out just telling people everything. it has been difficult for me and i didnt even hide it at first. well when im ready to talk about something like that i sit the person down somewhere where i feel comfortable. it takes me a while to think but they are always open to it since i asked them. other times i start off a conversation with just a normal topic and then i work my way to what i truly want to say. if you freeze its ok because to me that just means that you werent ready to tell them. i hope everything is going good! rebekah WELCOME TO AS!!!
  8. that s cool ..... i have been here for like 4 days or so. this is an awsome place of support! i am glad you found us! i found it by surfing the web .... kinda funny when you find what you have needed for a long time after you have stopped searching for it.
  9. hello there, i was just reading your post and i want you to know you came to the right place. i am pretty new here myself but it has already started helping me. what do you enjoy doing? usually i find myself when i am doing something i enjoy. i am sorry you do not have any adults in your life. i think this place will make up for it though. feel free to ask anyone anything. someone always answers.
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