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  1. Hey! Long time no talk. Hope all is well! :):hug:


    1. Free2Fly


      Hey :) , Yeah Sorry About that , Thing's Have Been Better, Well Better Than What They Are Right Now.

      Hope Everything's Okay with You & That Your Safe :) .



      Free. :butterfly:

  2. It's been a day past a month since I first found/ joined and became apart of this forum! I am eternally and forever thankful! :throb::throb::)

  3. Been thinking alot about posting my story very soon. Feeling very anxious:unsure::unsure::tear:

    1. Free2Fly
    2. Bluesclues


      I'm sitting with you. If you want you can send it to me first if it's overwhelming to send to everyone at once. 

    3. TryingtoSeetheLight


      Thanks Bluesclues, i just did it.

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