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  1. Hi Emptyness, I'm new to this site but this tugged at me and I wanted to respond. I am a victim of an assault that happened less than a year ago. My mom and I have never been very close - a very "surface" kind of relationship where we get along well but there isn't much deep conversation between us. Since this happened to me, I have been staying at her house, because I was victimized in my home and I cannot stand being there (I have terrible flashbacks setting foot there). I also don't want to be alone. My mom and I have barely talked about the incident although she is very aware of
  2. Hi to everyone, I don't have a lot of support and was very happy to find this website. I was a victim of a physical and sexual assault (I'm sorry as I didn't see a specific abbreviation for those terms in the other post) almost a year ago. I feel depressed and alone, and scared all of the time. I stay locked in my room nearly all day every day. I'm hoping there is something that can make me feel like I have a life ahead of me again. Looking forward to being here. -LoveMyCat
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