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  1. Welcome @Navias85 I like your acronym too, or acrostic.  It's a beautiful statement that leads to recovery.  I'm sorry for the trauma and wish it weren't.  You are strong and courageous.  You will see just how strong someday.  You've found a good place to come.  -POM  Forgive the pearls...can't get them out of there



  2. Welcome back!  I did the same.  I came a long time ago.  I didn't even remember the name.  I returned now and it's getting easier and brighter all the time.  Good people with a great deal of encouragement...compassion, experience.  You're not alone. :) -POM

  3. Welcome @awake123!   It's good to be here.  take your time to look around.  You are not alone.  Nor do you ever have to feel that...there are  wonderful people here.  I'm sorry for the sorrow and struggles you've been through.  Always I'm open to listen.  I hope to see you here a lot.  -POM

  4. 11 hours ago, TeaLove said:

    Hello. I am a mother of two beautiful young children, who has been struggling with my past. I hope to find guidance or advice to help me the best mom I can be, and not let my past interfere with my present. As it has been doing increasingly lately. Thankyou all for allowing me to join this community. 

    WElcome @TeaLove!  You have courage to make strides in recovery...this is another step.  My two charges are now married with children.  I'm a grandma of 4 now.  It was a long haul.  I dealt with amnesia, schizoaffective disorder and multiple hospitalizations...along with a family situation with siblings.  Tonight i had a long talk with my sister and opened a wound...not a big one, but we cleared the air a little.  It's progress...I hope you find everything you need to  help you on the journey and I pray I can be a part of that.  -POM

  5. @tgdouglas11

    I'm very proud of you. I know, who am I? But I am proud of you for fighting so hard. I've come close a few times...always slipping back. But it's progress, not perfection. PTSD is a complicated battle with many set backs. Trust in your faith system and developing a support group are two vital needs. I'm still unsure of this site and if any advice is not good. I want to help. It's the only thing that keeps me sane. Please forgive me if I err. - POM
  6. Welcome Leahkana... Faith is what helped me.  And support from other people.  I blocked my assault as well.  I was aided to remember very gently.  A therapist might help but it takes time to find the right one and that's hard.  You have support here.  I felt the pain in your telling of your daughter.  I'm so sorry.  With you in heart and prayers - POM

  7. On 9/23/2017 at 10:45 AM, Alimanu said:

    Hello guys,

    Im 19 my sexual abuse started when I was 14. I have recently finished therapy and I hope that this community will continue to be a safe place for me. I am nervous to be judged I have had a goal for my abuse not to make me who I am. I hope to help others I love being a listening ear! I can't wait to speak to others and know I am not alone. :)

    Welcome. Anything you need, it's here.  -POM

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