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  1. Hi cutecumber. Welcome. yes you're not alone. Feel free to post more when you're ready. you can just read some of the messages in the meantime. Hope you find the support you need.
  2. Hi. There are a lot of caring people here. It's scary but you took a big step already by starting to speak out.
  3. Welcome sarah! I hope you find the support you need here
  4. Welcome Gracen! I hope you find what you need here.
  5. Welcome pinksneakers! Nice name
  6. Welcome to AS. I'm glad you could get help/therapy. Therapy helped me a lot.
  7. Welcome violet. Nice to meet you. I'm sorry you suffered an acquaintance rape several weeks ago. There are a lot of caring people here that you can talk to if and when you feel ready. I'm glad you have a wonderful supportive husband. He may help you get through this. Therapy was helpful for me too. See you later,
  8. Hi Heidi, Welcome to our safe haven. Hope you find it helps you
  9. Hi Sweetie, I like that word 'halfjokish'...I plan to use it sometime . I also like that phrase - passing like ships in the night - I believe Tom Cruise said that phrase in the movie The Firm... mmm I liked that book. anyway, the good thing about moving is it's like a spring cleaning -- I get rid of some old clothes and oh, I went shopping again today...found some more good stuff (clothes) . I have a lot of books too, like you, even though I'm not in school anymore . I'm glad to hear your teachers are very encouraging. I hope your sleep situation gets better, I know it's hard. Sp
  10. Hi there Francesca, Thank you so much for the congratulations . The moving went ok and wasn't too stressful, thank you. I have a lot of stuff to sort through though, including clothes, but today I couldn't help it -- I went shopping because of a Memorial Day sale and I bought more clothes . I got a really good deal though I so remember sleeplessness "zzz" and exams -- midterms, finals -- I feel for you! It's a lot of work . Good luck with exams! You'll do fine I'll check the chatroom whenever I can log in... looking forward to getting drunk together. Take care
  11. Hi Francesca! you remembered! yes the trial thing went pretty well. It brought up a lot of memories but in the end he was found guilty. I'm waiting to hear about his sentence now. Too bad I won't be able to see the judge lecture him (Judge Judy with a gavel ). I so wanted to follow up with people I met in chat. Hope you're doing alright today. maybe I'll see ya in chat again. Today I have to finish unpacking and stuff (I just moved yesterday). Take care.
  12. oh oh oh my cousin studied Latin too! she's the smartest person in my family hope to see you at virtual reality pub night I may be a little but I'll be in and out.
  13. Nice to meet you again Francesca! We met in chat once. Are you studying classical literature? I like the answer to the question of Why is life so difficult? Hope you continue to enjoy it here. Lots of warm and caring people here.
  14. Welcome Lindsay. Hope you have a great summer
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